The Six Figure Mentors – Who Is Responsible For Your Online Success?

The Six Figure Mentors is an Internet Marketing Mentoring, Training and Educational organization set up by Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner, both highly successful Internet Marketers in their own right, with the aim of showing that anyone with the right tools, training and support can build their own successful Six Figure Income online.

One important and much discussed element of the Six Figure Mentors Training is access to an online mentor who will work on a one-to-one basis with motivated individuals to help them build their own legitimate income online.

Whilst having access to a Six Figure Mentor may suggest that a Six Figure income is almost guaranteed it is important to understand that mentoring is a two-way process and both parties must understand their individual responsibilities for the relationship to be mutually beneficial.

What are the responsibilities of the Six Figure Mentors?

In my view the answer to this question is simple. My preferred definition of the role of a mentor is an individual who serves as a teacher or trusted counselor. The key words for me here are TRUST, TEACH and COUNSEL.

On this basis it is fairly easy to define the responsibilities of a mentor;

  • Trust – anyone investing in an Internet Marketing Training program, based on the fact that they are led to believe they will get hands-on help, has a right to expect just that. It is important therefore that, when doing their due-diligence in selecting a Six Figure Mentor, they actually speak to the mentor and confirm that the mentor has both the time and inclination to deliver on this promise.
  • Teach – for me, as people learn in different ways, a mentor much be capable of delivering training via both verbal and visual methods. It is never enough to simply provide the text books and say get on with it, everything you need is there. For many people being shown AND told is the best way to learn.
  • Counsel – for many people the Internet provides a hugely exciting opportunity to build their own Six Figure income and sometimes, in their enthusiasm to get to this level, they lose sight of the fact that making money online is a business and requires hard work. A mentor should make this very clear from the beginning, discourage those who don’t want to work hard and support those that do when they encounter difficulties.

What are the responsibilities of the Mentored?

  • A committed member of the Six Figure Mentors can only provide the tools, guidance and support required to deliver online success. The individual being mentored also has responsibility in reaching a successful outcome. Those typically are;
  • They should be prepared to work hard and implement the steps they are being taught.
  • They should commit to some degree of self-education. Not every conceivable situation can be covered in any course and self-education, through simple research, helps any individual to grow and develop both an inquisitive mindset and a can-do attitude.
  • They must proactively ASK THEIR SIX FIGURE MENTOR FOR HELP when they hit a roadblock they can’t overcome.

Ultimately, a relationship where both parties accept their individual responsibilities will result in a successful and mutually enjoyable relationship.

Having a successful relationship, based on the above factors, is the easiest way to learn how to make money online. Going it alone is often the hardest way!

70 Weeks of Daniel, An Amazing Prophecy!

Did you know that the non-Messianic Jews, who this 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel is partly about, actually leave it well alone? Why? Because they believe it to be cursed, and these Jews are known to have actually put curses on people who do choose to study the 70 weeks prophecy. The unfortunate thing is, if these Jews had studied and understood the seventy weeks of Daniel, then they would have known exactly who Christ Jesus was.

So what did the 70 weeks of Daniel foretell? There are 3 important truths revealed in this prophecy.

1. The end of the Jewish Nation as the special chosen nation of God.

2. The first coming of the Messiah, Christ Jesus.

3. The destruction of Jerusalem in AD70.

So if we take a look at the key verses from Daniel 9, we will see these truths revealed. But before we take a look at this, I would like to make a point about something Daniel did before he received the 70 weeks prophecy. In Daniel 9 verses 3-4, you will see that Daniel prayed to God. But this wasn’t an ordinary prayer, no, Daniel prayed with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. Meaning that he was so sorrowful for the sins of the people (he included himself) that he did not eat, and he truly humbled himself before God in prayer. If only us professing Christians would start praying this way, rather than the casual vain prayers we tend to pray. We really should follow Daniel’s example in praying. Now let’s look at this 70 weeks prophecy:

1. Daniel 9:24…..’Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness.’

So these 70 weeks of Daniel were given to the Jews to put an end to their sins. If you read through the Old Testament, you will find that the Jews kept falling into apostasy, they kept disobeying God, not trusting in Him. Now this shows how loving and merciful God is. He gives His people plenty of warning and time to put an end to their evil ways and to turn fully to Him. What would happen at the end of the 70 weeks if they didn’t end their sins and turn to God? They would no longer be the chosen people of God, which Romans 9 and Galatians 3 confirms.

But what are the 70 weeks of Daniel? Are they literal weeks, as in 70 lots of 7 days? No, they are prophetic weeks, whereas the days equal years. If you take a look at Ezekiel 4:6, you will see that God appointed a year for each day, so the 70 weeks are in fact 70 lots of years, or 490 years to be precise. Also it could not be 490 days because nothing significant happened 490 days from the starting point of this prophecy. It has to be 490 years, which you will see further on in this article. So what is the starting point? In Daniel 9:25, God said the starting point of the seventy weeks would be at the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. Now in 457 BC, King Artaxerxes gave the decree to rebuild the city. so it is in 457 BC that the 490 year countdown begins.

2. Daniel 9:25…..’from the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks.’

So we have seven weeks plus threescore and two weeks, which comes to 69 weeks, until Messiah the Prince. But as we learned the weeks are lots of 7 years, so this time period is 69 lots of 7 years, which equates to 483 years. Now what happened 483 years after the command to restore Jerusalem in 457 BC? Well, if we work it out, it comes to 27 AD. What happened in 27 AD? Christ was baptized in the river and the voice of God came down from Heaven saying “THIS IS MY SON”, and revealed Jesus as the Messiah!!

But why was this part of the time prophecy split into two time periods? We have (7 weeks) and (threescore and two weeks, which is 62 weeks). So we have two time periods of 7×7 = 49 years and 62×7 = 434 years. Is this significant? Yes! What happened 49 years after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 457 BC? The restoration of the city! It was complete, in 408 BC. And then 434 years from 408 is 27AD, Christ’s baptism! The prophecies from God are always fulfilled exactly to the letter, and this 70 weeks of Daniel is no exception!

Now we’ve had 69 weeks of this 70 weeks of Daniel so far, and there is one week left to fulfill. Now many Christians take this last week and place it in the future from us. But this 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel is a continuous timeline and there is no scripture whatsoever that suggests the last week is to be taken away from the 70 weeks and placed in the future. Daniel 9:26-27 confirms for us what this last week is. It says that He (Jesus) would confirm the covenant for one week, the last week (7 years). This is the new covenant which Jesus did confirm. Now it says in Daniel 9:26-27 that in the middle of the last week, 3.5 years after Jesus baptism, He would cause the sacrifice to cease. Did Jesus do this? Of course He did, on the cross of Calvary in 31AD. But who confirmed the covenant for the last 3.5 years (the last half of the last week)? His disciples did!! And this brings us to the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel, when Stephen was stoned by the Jews, which happened 3.5 years after the cross of Jesus. Stephen preached to the Jewish leaders, but they “stopped their ears” and finally rejected the gospel message, and forsook their special status as being God’s chosen people.

3. Daniel 9:26…..’and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.’

Finally, the 70 weeks of Daniel confirmed that the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed. It didn’t confirm the date of the destruction in the prophecy, but gave a warning for it. The Jews rejected Christ as the Messiah, they didn’t put an end to their sins as God warned in the seventy weeks prophecy, and therefore lost their right as the chosen nation of God. And as a result the beloved city of the Jews was also destroyed by the Roman army, and over 1 Million Jews lost their lives in the siege. If only the Jews studied and understood this prophecy of Daniel, they would have remained as God’s chosen people and all this desolation would not have come upon them.

Is Bible prophecy important? I believe it is very important for us to study and understand, and this 70 weeks of Daniel has great lessons for us all to learn.