Brothers Who Share the Spotlight – Catch the Baldwins on Satellite TV

In total, there are four Baldwin brothers. And, as fate has it, all are actors. The Baldwin family itself is actually quite large, with a grand sum of seven children-the three sisters, however aren’t in the acting biz. You can catch the blue eyed brothers Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen, on satellite TV. Although the success of each brother’s career has varied and quite a bit, they have all been in some notable movies. So to enjoy the goodness that is the Baldwin brood, sit back and scan the channels or rent some HD DVD’s.

Alec Baldwin is the oldest of the bunch. He is also probably the most well known. He has starred in a range of movies, plays and TV shows. Plays featuring Alec include Serious Money, A Streetcar Named Desire and Macbeth. His filmography includes Beetlejuice, Glengarry Glen Ross, State and Main, Cats and Dogs, The Aviator, and Running with Scissors. His latest success has come about on the small screen. He plays the inimitable Jack Donaghy on the NBC hit 30 Rock starring Tina Fey. Baldwin has received a number of Academy Award nominations and has won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance for his role on 30 Rock; he also won a Golden Globe in the same year (2007). Alec Baldwin is also known for his controversial political views. He is an animal rights activist and writes for the online blog The Huffington Post. You can catch Alec on the small screen in full HD glory in this latest season of 30 Rock.

Daniel Baldwin is probably best known for his role on Homicide Life on the Street; in the series he played the detective Beau Felton. His character was killed off after three seasons. Daniel went on to perform in a series of TV movies such as Family of Cops and Twisted Desire. He also had parts in Mullholland Falls and Trees Lounge. Daniel Baldwin has continually struggled with drugs and weight. Both his battles have been documented on reality TV shows.

William Baldwin started his career as a fashion model– although he does have a degree from Binghampton University in political science. He later moved on to films and television garnering critical success with his role in The Squid and the Whale. His earlier works include Flatliners, Backdraft, Bulworth, and Fair Game. He currently stars in the TV series Dirty Sexy Money.

Finally, we come to the youngest of the bunch, Stephen Baldwin. Here’s an interesting tidbit: in high school Stephen was a successful opera singer. He then went on to star in a handful of movies including the Unusual Suspects, The Beast of War and Bio-Dome. In 2002, Stephen participated in the ABC reality show Celebrity Mole Hawaii; he returned later on to do Celebrity Mole Yucatan. In 2006 Baldwin published a personal memoir detailing his conversion to Christianity. Today Stephen does a conservative radio talk show and works promoting his faith through the Breakthrough Ministry.

The Baldwin clan is certainly a varied bunch, but they are all quite talented. Catch up with this gifted troop by tuning in to your satellite TV feed-you’re bound to catch one of their many movies and TV shows. You can also see four of the brothers sans Alec in Born on the Fourth of July.