Three Popular TV Couples That Would Never Work in Real Life

In today’s complex world, relationship problems abound and it can seem like it’s almost impossible for anyone to find his or her true soulmate. It may seem like the drama that surrounds real relationships would constitute perfect material for TV dramas. Strangely, though, most television shows seem to focus on relationships between people who wouldn’t stand a chance of actually forming meaningful, lasting emotional connections in the real world.

Ross and Rachel

The TV show Friends features a wide variety of couples, but arguably none of them are less realistic than Ross and Rachel. This couple seems to be definitively defined by the age-old, and utterly inaccurate, axiom that opposites attract. Really, though, these two characters’ strong opinions and extremely different perspectives make it extremely unlikely that their relationship would be able to last the trials and travails face people in the real world.

Phil and Claire Dunphy

The relationship dynamics of Modern Family focus primarily on the relationship between Phil and Claire Dunphy, a highly unlikely couple. These two supposed love-birds have extremely different perspectives on the world, and the fact they’re together at all can be traced back within the TV show’s history to an act of rebellion against Claire’s father, who doesn’t like Jay. While it’s not unrealistic to think that two people might marry as an act of rebellion against their parents, it’s highly unlikely the couple would outlast decades of arguments about every little thing and serious disagreements about even fundamental aspects of life.

April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer

This couple from Parks and Recreation is as opposite as opposite can be. Andy is significantly older than April, yet manages to be consistently more immature and kind of a mess. Were these two characters to exist in the real world, their personal chemistry might make for a great fling, but their relationship lacks the depth required to make long-term marriage feasible.

What Does This Mean?

TV viewers might be tempted to take their social cues from these favorite couples, but it would be a mistake. Real long-term relationships require a lot more depth, shared perspective, and commitment than these TV icons would have viewers think, which sets a lot of them up for disappointment in their own real-world relationships. Check out for a detailed analysis of more TV couples that just wouldn’t be well-suited for lasting relationships in the real world.